Financial Information

Grayson Christian School is an independent institution with an annual budget dependent upon the tuition of the students and donations of friends for expenses. All contributions are tax deductible.




Registration Fees (Non-refundable)
Per New Student                                  $75 Application/Testing Fee (due upon submission)

                                                      $100 Registration Fee (due within 10 days of acceptance)

       Per Returning Student                          $50 (by April 16, 2018)   $100 (after April 16, 2018)

 Tuition and Student Fees            (paid in 10 monthly payments from Aug – May through FACTS Tuition Management)

K3-2nd Grade per student         $3,500 year (includes tuition and activity fee) $310 per payment
Grades 3rd-12th per student      $4,000 year (includes tuition, activity fee, curriculum and lab fee) $360 per payment


     K3-2nd Curriculum Fee               $300 per year ($250 if paid by July 5th) or may be broken down into 3 monthly

     (Non-refundable)                         payments with tuition (Aug-Oct) through FACTS

                                         *This includes books, academic awards, curriculum aids, science supplies, and school supplies.



Miscellaneous Fees

       Hot Lunch                                Charges vary; see menu items. These are to be pre-paid at the beginning of month

Extended School Day             $1,000/yr. Open from 7am-8:30am and 1:30pm-6pm paid in 10 payments at $80 per
payment (Aug – May)

       Fine Arts Competition            Charges will vary depending on location and length of trip

       P.E. Uniforms                           $24.00 per set (shirt & shorts)

       Graduation Fees                      $75.00 for 12th grade students (due in March)

       Music Lessons                         Charges will vary depending on teacher and instrument

       Late Fees                                  $45.00 fee – if account is not paid-in-full by each due date

NSF Fees                                  $30.00 fee – for returned checks from the bank for insufficient funds

       Withdrawal Fee                        $100.00 fee – if you choose to withdraw your child during a school year

       Athletic Fee                              Varies by sport




Financial Aid

       Multiple Student Discount       2nd child – $450/year, 3rd child – $900/year, 4th child – $1,350/year

       Advance Discount                    4% tuition reduction if you pay the year in its entirety by August 5th

                                                          2% tuition reduction if you pay the year by semester (August 5th and January 5th)

       Student Referral Discount      $200 tuition reduction if you recruit a family to attend GCS. See office for details.

       Ministry Scholarship               Tuition reduction given to families whose head of household gains their principle

                                                         income from full-time vocational ministry (40+ hours of active work & approved

                                                         by administration).





GCS has fundraisers throughout the year to help the school purchase things that will enhance its educational and extracurricular benefits.   Your participation is greatly appreciated!


Payment Schedule: