Our History

Grayson Christian School began classes in September of 1973 on the corner of First & Cherry Street in Sherman, TX. Grades Kindergarten through Senior High was available to the first year students.  Rev. Don Elmore was the Pastor and Weldon Hutson was the Principal. The gymnasium and cafeteria with classrooms was built for the students in 1974

In 1976 John Fletcher joined Rev. Elmore as Principal. Bro. Fletcher remained as the Principal through the 1977 school year.

Charles Hamilton filled in as Principal and was the Supervisor of the High School in 1978. During these years, the students grew in number and spiritually as well. Beginning in September 1979 Kenneth Pinkerton joined the Staff as Principal and remained with us until May of 1981.

In December of 1979 when Rev. Wilbur Vaughan served as Interim Pastor until February 1980 when the church called Rev. Tommy L. Stone as Pastor. His first Sunday to preach was March 2, 1980.

Rev. Stone served as pastor until 1992 and at that time answered the call of Evangelism. In November of 1992, Dr. Eddy Johnson came to Grayson Bible Baptist Church. His leadership, godly example and spiritual guidance have held GCS committed to the education and spiritual growth of our next generation.

In the year 2000, Dr. Johnson and the members of Grayson Bible Baptist Church began a new building project to relocate from 600 E. Cherry St. to 4400 Hwy 82 E, in Sherman. The church held their first service at the new property on Sunday, February 29, 2004.

In September of 2005, groundwork began for our new Grayson Christian School location also at 4400 Hwy 82.

In November of 2010, we completed our school campus with the opening of our Family Life Center, which includes a gymnasium with cafeteria and exercise facilities.


2013 has brought a new chapter in the history and of GCS; Pastor Roy Webster assumed leadership of the church at Dr. Johnson’s retirement. Charles Hamilton has served as Principal of GCS from September 1982 until May 2013, when he retired from the school to work exclusively with the ministries of the church. Greg Rostyne serving as Assistant Principal since 1999 is the current Principal.

For over forty years, Grayson Christian School has sought to foster growth in our young people and in our faculty and staff.  Motivated by love for Christ, our teachers exemplify the desire to continually grow through personal development. The desire at GCS is to create an environment where young people are trained to lead a Christ-honoring life and to be prepared for any calling from the Lord.