Spiritual Growth2

GCS encourages each student to have a personal relationship with God and teaches a Biblical world-view.  Although all students from preschool to senior high are taught in Bible class and chapel, our goal is to cultivate a biblical world-view by applying the Word of God in all subjects.  We view a student's spiritual growth as the most important goal for each young person and offer the following to develop that relationship:


Bible Classes

Each grade has age-specific lessons that teach Bible doctrine, Biblical history, and practical truths applicable to young people's daily lives.



All grades participate in weekly chapel services.  Our teachers and staff as well as missionaries, guest pastors, and evangelists minister to the students.  In each service, students participate in music, give testimonies, are a part of preaching the Bible, and receive offerings for community outreach efforts.

Scripture Memory

The students in preschool through 12th grade are taught to memorize scripture in their Bible classes.  Our teachers help the students understand the meaning and application of the Word of God that the students are being taught to hide in their hearts.

Community Ministries

Through experience, hard work, and sacrifice, our students learn to share the love of Christ by reaching out to others in the community.  Collecting food for the local soup kitchen, making cards for Veterans and meals on Wheels recipients, as well as collecting toys and necessities for needy families at Christmas are just a few of the ways that our young people work together for the cause of Christ.


Pastoral Staff Counseling

The pastoral staff at Grayson Bible Baptist Church and all of the teachers are trained and experienced in counseling young people in spiritual and social matters. Our staff is available at any time to pray, listen, and search God's truths to assist any student.